Yet Another Proxy: a port mapping utility

Welcome to the Yap! project.

Yap! is a powerful, yet simple approach to TCP/UDP/FTP/POP3 port mapping for the Microsoft Windows (TM) platform. Yap! is written in Delphi and is designed to work 24/7, in unattended mode. If your language is C++, you're out of luck: Yap! is for real programmers :)

Licensed under the GNU General Public License (GPL), Yap! is open source, free, and royalty-free! Logo  The project is registered on as yap-mu.

Users may:

  • easily traverse subnets, re-mapping ports while keeping full control over the access
  • leverage Yap!'s firewall capabilities (each port is only granted to the authorized IPs)
  • Developers may:

  • Customize Yap! in many different ways, even embed it into their own projects
  • Enter YapTeam and contribute to the source code through the CVS services
  • Leverage the Delphi units in other apps
  • Use the included light-weight Bramaputra ISAPI/CGI-compliant web server (full source is included!)
  • Use the included XML parser
  • Use the included automatic splash screen form
  • Use Yap! in many creative, unpredictable ways... (and then let us know about it)